Repair your iPhone, don’t trash it

You need to value your mother earth this earth day by using the recycling tactic. You need to understand that repairing is a part of recycling and you can’t just throw away your phone just because it needs repair. You probably won’t dig into the hassle of repair and will prefer to dispose of it. But avail this earth day for making your life better. Benefit the world by saving your phone instead of increasing the trash. If you are wondering what you will have to rush to the market for the repair then you are wrong. Get the idea that the market is not all you have. Use your technical skills for help. This article presents you five easy ways through which you can save your phone and make your life more sustainable.

Replace the battery for iPhone repair Auckland

Batteries do drain. That doesn’t mean that for this petty reason you will drain away your phone instead go for iPhone repair Auckland.  If you are extremely dependent on iPhone as it manages the entire life of yours then get this issue resolved on the first instance.  You should actually try the method of swapping. Upgrading the phone is not easy. You must by now know that iPhone doesn’t offer a user replacing the battery but if you will make use of screwdriver then you can surely have a new battery installed and that too in the right direction. This replacement can be done within a matter of an hour thus don’t scratch your brain cells.

Replacement of iPhone screen

Get the screen of your iPhone replaced. If you are disappointed by the new look of your phone after dropping it from a height then be assured that the screen can be replaced. A brand new display replacement is way lot easier than the getting the battery of the iPhone replaced.

Replacement of Samsung mobile repair Auckland

If you own a Samsung phone then here is a good news for you that you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble. The Samsung phones don’t have a sealed battery. Remember you can replace the battery by yourself at ease which means you are actually increasing the life of your phone. This replacement doesn’t come under the mobile repair Auckland as it is quite easy to do.

Replacement of Samsung screen

The screen of the Samsung phone can be replaced by your but for this purpose, you will have to take the aid of various tools. Like precise screwdriver. You will want a precise driver so that you won’t damage the internal parts of the phone. You can search the online community available online which will help you in getting the replacing done in no time and in the right way. There are various websites which will provide you manual guides so you can avail them by following the instruction precisely.

Troubleshooting is now much easier than you think. Thus on this earth day approach sustainability in the best manner possible.



New iPhone 5 gives T-Mobile’s MVNOs a network boost, but still no LTE

Apple’s newly retooled iPhone 5 makes it easier not just for T-Mobile to deliver 3G service to the Apple aficionados among its customers, but also for its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) partners.

T-Mobile MVNO Solavei said on Wednesday it will fully support all of the HSPA+ radios in the new version of the iPhone 5. That means anywhere T-Mobile offers 3G service, Solavei will too. Previously all iPhones’ 3G capabilities were restricted to areas where T-Mobile had completed its ongoing network overhaul, which to date is about 50 cities. Solavei – which has adopted a multi-level marketing approach (think Amway) to distributing its service – is selling the unlocked iPhone 5 directly to customers for the steep price of $700 through its retail partner GSMNation. But unlocked versions of the device will work just fine with Solavei’s SIM cards.

Solavei, however, won’t get access to T-Mo’s latest and greatest 4G network though. The MVNO confirmed that none of its customers will be able to tap T-Mobile’s LTE network, no matter what phone they own. T-Mobile has only launched LTE in seven cities, and it appears to be keeping its new 4G service for itself for the time being. I would expect that change eventually though. Sprint, for instance, is already opening its new LTE network to its numerous MVNO partners.

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