T-Mobile USA Sweetens iPhone 5 Deal With Trade-In Program

John Legere, T-Mobile’s chief executive, has said the company hopes to lure customers away from AT&T.

T-Mobile USA, the struggling phone carrier, really wants you to switch to its network — so badly that it will give you a break on a brand-new iPhone in exchange for an old one.

The company said on Wednesday that when it begins selling the iPhone 5 on Friday, it will offer a discount for people who trade in their older iPhones. Customers can trade in an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, for example, for the iPhone 5 at no cost up front, along with a $120 credit toward the monthly device fee. The offer lasts through mid-June.

Normally, the iPhone 5 would cost $100 on T-Mobile, and a customer would have to pay an additional $20 a month over two years to cover the remaining cost of the device, on top of the phone and data plan. With the trade-in offer, the $120 credit would knock down the monthly device fee to $15.

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